I have loved telling stories since I was little.  I used to make them up to entertain my little brother and sister while we were on long road trips. I've also loved drawing and painting for as long as I can remember.  I only recently discovered how fun it can be to combine the two! 

The Bug and Bea

Character Study 2.jpg


This is Bea's first camping trip! Her mom has bought Bea her first hiking boots. Her dad has warned her about the most dangerous part of camping: 

"Bugs are horrible.  They are poisonousThey sting everyone."

That's why Bea is so nervous when she first sees a bug in her tent. But once she gets to know Scrap, she changes her mind about bugs. Will she be able to change her dad's mind before he shoos Scrap away or worse?

This camping adventure with illustrations in ink and watercolor highlights the importance of respect for the natural world and the benefits of opening your heart to someone very different from you.

What Can You Do at the Zoo?

Zak and Emmy love the Zoo. The animals can do so many amazing things! Can Zak and Emmy do them too? Can they hop like a grasshopper? Can they stomp like an elephant? Can they roll into a ball like a panda? Can you?

Twelve exercises are illustrated in ink and pastel and portray movements for strengthening the core, arms, legs and heart all inspired by animals! 

In the end, Zak and Emmy discover something great they can do that no zoo animal can do:  can you do it too?

Elephant Stomp.jpg

The Land of Dreams

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"Long ago, I lived in a tiny land...                                                                     filled with wondrous things...                                                                              and amazing people.                                                                                      There were GIANT BUILDINGS                                                                          and BRIGHT LIGHTS                                                                                          and StRaNgE noises EVERYWHERE."

This picture book tells a true story about a little girl with big dreams.  The full-page illustrations weave the text of the story into the pictures themselves with ink and the beauty of bright pastels. 

We all hope our dreams will come true - but then what?